Thursday, March 17, 2011

Pressure Makes Us Stronger

I heard those words in a song on 89.7 Power FM this morning on my way to work.

"Pressure makes us stronger."

I've heard this particular song more than once, and being the rock star I think I am, I'm belting out the words in my car. But I've never stopped to think about what that line really means. It's easy to talk about how a blessing can come from something hard - when it's over and done with! But what about when you're right in the eye of the storm, gripping on with all your might, digging your fingernails in to stay on top? Do you always feel... stronger?

Heck no! I know I don't. Actually, I usually feel rather hum-drum and weak and loose and sore and hungry and tired... I tend to be a complainer. What if we had the same mindset during those struggles as we do after they're over?

As I grow up a little bit more every day, I learn a little bit more of who I am and who I want to be. Sometimes, I sulk in every task I need to get done or something I did that I regret. Staying afloat in a storm can be like drawing a perfect circle. You can't do it without some sort of help, some kind of professional equipment. I want to be equipped with the grace of God and the knowledge that I will always be victorious because He is Lord of my life.

So next time you're feeling pressured, know it will make you stronger. It's just the dark night before the bright and glorious dawn.

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