Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Telling Secrets to God

Today, my mind's been going a million miles per hour. Not that that's unusual for me! However, I've also had a few small moments where I've reflected on how God's moving in my life. And man, is he moving fast!

One of the greatest truths I've learned in my journey from "student-hood" to the real, adult-world, is the fact that no matter how much my mind gets out of whack, I can tell all my secrets to God. And He's the only one who can unlock my heart and unburden me from all my stress, fears and anxious thoughts.

I tend to over-analyze the crap out of everything. Although I can usually recognize when I'm doing it, I still do it. The apostle Paul said, "The things I do, I wish I wouldn't do, and the things I wish I would do, I do." We all can relate to that statement. The hardest part for me is letting go, and knowing God is the ONLY one who has control. If I trust Him and take a deep breath, I'll be fine.

So I'm going to continue to give God the key to my heart, and tell Him all my secrets. It's refreshing. You should try it.

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