Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Wedding in a Nutshell

December 2010
Raccoons replace Kara, my former roommate, after moving back home.

March - Current
Discover fleas on Bambi and all of the other 102 animals. Tried pills, drops, baths, dips and nothing works. Yes, we are infested.

May 12
Purchased our first house... signing our youth and fun money away forever.

May 14 - Couples' Shower
Spent all night hearing random people being invited to my wedding, consoling my friend in the bathroom, and arguing with Micah over his womanizing brother. Don't mention this one either. It may get ugly.

June 2
Played fist softball game at our city coed league and pulled a muscle in my back. Freaking out because I couldn't walk normal for two days.

June 4
Micah finds out he will be billed $1600 for his roommate's lack of payment from his prior apartment lease that ended in January... He's super pissed and raises he11.

June 6
Sunburn from Texas Tan ghetto beds and my overkill attempts at versa spa-ing make me look like a redheaded Mexican freak child. Oh and I came back from Mexico lighter than I was when I went... dang chlorine.

June 7
Started my period and lasted three days. Scared to go to Dr. Thielen, my mom's OBGYN because I had to go when I was 12 years old, and it scarred me for life.

June 10
Realize only half our flowers were delivered and can't find anymore. Traveled to three different Costco's to get enough random bouquets. Nice.

June 11 - The Day
Mom fell in garage that morning. Dad asked if he can change out of his tux. Half my family left for pictures at the church. Mom told Dallas, my brother, and Stephen, another groomsman, to go to the liquor store after the ceremony, making them late to pictures at reception. I found out later that Mom got in fight with security over a bottle of Jagermeister at reception, and it's confiscated. Best day of my life. Seriously.

June 12
We're approached by a manager at the Hilton telling us about one of our guests - a woman - at our wedding who threw a fit over the Jager. We're embarrassed after she reports that "this woman was demanding that she have her liquor back because she was paying for this whole wedding." Can't find half the decor from the wedding and lost our photobooth scrapbook.

June 13-20 - The Honeymoon
Pouring raining the day we arrive. Flight's delayed. Transportation carrier is confused. Micah gets dehydrated and we spend four hours at the Amerimed Hospital in Cancun. Only brought two tops and seven different pairs of shorts. Rains another two days. Stand in line two hours trying to check out and miss our buss to the airport. Take taxi because the people are freaking us out that we'll b late. Wait five and a half hours at the airport with nothing to do but write this blog post.


Thanks for listening/reading.

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