Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Praying for My Partner

"How's the married life?"

That's the question I get asked once every two days, and I'll probably keep getting asked that until someone else in our family gets hitched. When I ask myself that, I can honestly answer that it's great - amazing - fun - and exciting.

But I'm not naive. Bumps and bruises are bound to come, and I have to prepare myself as a wife, a woman and a Child of God. delights my day with a short and simple list of bulleted notes about marriage. They call them "Marriage Minutes," and every day, they inspire me.

So, I thought I'd share today's:

Praying For Your Husband

 • Pray for him to hear the applause from heaven

 • Pray for his prayer life and for his faithfulness to study the Word of God

 • Pray about ways that you might stimulate him to talk about his faith

 • Pray that he will establish a few close relationships with godly men who will encourage him and hold him accountable, men with whom he can be honest about his heart and his needs, men who will stand with him during good times and bad

 • Pray that God will continue to keep the communication open between your husband and your children, if you have them. Pray that he will be a loving and gentle father. Pray for your own sensitivity in seeing ways that you can encourage this.


  1. Hey Amber! As an engaged girl, counting down the days to my wedding, I'm so happy that you shared Excited to keep up with you post-Baylor and read your blog!

  2. Thanks, Amanda! I'm happy you enjoyed reading this post, and I pray you will get as much from as Micah and I have. :) I looked at your website and online portfolio - IMPRESSIVE! Can I email you about something?


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