Thursday, July 7, 2011

Why Do Humans Want to Be Bad?

I'm a good girl. But I still find myself wanting to do bad things. Why, oh why, do humans want to be bad?

I struggle with road rage and rolling my eyes and rebelling against authority. I let a few cuss words slip past my tongue when I stub my toe. I let Micah take bites off my plate but really I'm bitter about it inside. I get on Facebook too much. I look at myself in the mirror too much. I laugh at movies that I would not want Jesus to watch with me. And randomly, it will hit me -- I'll stop and ask myself, "Why are you being bad?"

Even though I know God calls us to be like Him, and I know what His Word says, I'm still a sinner, and I'll still be bad. The Lord so gently offers me grace over and over again. And boy, am I so thankful for that!

Although everyone has a little something bad inside them, the difference between those who strive to be good and those who just don't give a flip is the sense of conviction that God puts on our hearts. Every time I have one of those moments of reflection, I'm growing. Spiritual movement is very important to me. I don't like to feel stagnant. I want my faith to be moved.

It's moments like these when God's stirring something in my spirit. I can appreciate being bad and know God loves me no matter what.

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