Wednesday, September 21, 2011

When Two or More Are Gathered in My Name

My husband and I had our second meeting with our new "Young Couples" life group last night. The leaders introduced a discussion on why it's so important for married couples to pray together. Although we've valued prayer in our marriage and agree that it's extremely important in fostering spiritual growth, it really hit home last night.

My biggest nag at my husband revolves around communication. Prayer is a form of communication, and while we pray together about once a day, it's usually something quick and detached. I believe our lack of intimacy with God as "one" has made me feel spiritually disconnected with my husband, thus propelling me to nag him that we have to communicate more. Last night, my eyes were opened to that issue in our relationship.

My husband talked to me about how his eyes were opened to a different light - which, by the way, is just so neat - God speaking to each of us with a different message and both bringing us closer together. My husband told me how he felt like God was calling him to humble himself when he prayed. Prayer is the ultimate act of humility. You surrender all your fleshly thoughts and expose your weaknesses to both God and your spouse by communicating through prayer.

I like to remind Micah to try to be in a constant conversation with the Lord, his prayer never ceasing. I guess that's the communication major in me showing up. Yet, I truly believe this helps you as an individual build that foundational relationship with God, which is especially important for men since they're given the role as the spiritual leader of the household.

I encourage you husbands to humble yourselves and pray with your wives. And my hope for us wives is to continually encourage your husbands to lead the prayers and speak openly with one another. In Matthew 18: 19-20, God tells us that He will be with us when we pray together. What more could we ask for? Guys, if it means anything to you - girls are often turned on and highly attracted to their man when they lead a prayer... or maybe that's just me. ;-) 

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