Monday, November 28, 2011

50 Reasons I'm Thankful . . . After Thanksgiving

After reading Marv Knox's 100 Reasons to Be Thankful on the FaithVillage blog, I was inspired. I originally wanted to write a long list of things I'm grateful for before Thanksgiving. Once again, it came and went quicker than I'd prefer. But that's okay. I'll make it work.

Thanksgiving is more than a holiday. It's an attitude that we should put effort into maintaining each and every day - not merely once a year. While that seems cliché, it's true.

Here's 50 reasons I'm thankful - even after Thanksgiving.

  1. My strong, handsome, faithful husband Micah
  2. My ever-expanding, crazy and beautiful family
  3. True-blue friends
  4. Bambi & Bananas - the cutest pups in the world
  5. Thanksgiving left-overs. Mmmm :)
  6. Treadmills, ellipticals and stair climbers - especially on days it's too cold to run outside
  7. Gateway Church, Pastor Robert Morris, and all the people involved
  8. Pumpkin spice creamer
  9. Days to sleep in
  10. Frozen yogurt
  11. Kidd Kraddick in the morning
  12. Stevia - my miracle sweetener
  13. Life group on Tuesday nights
  14. Leggings, Jeggings and sweat pants
  15. Jason's Deli salad bars
  16. Facebook
  17. Apple products
  18. Reruns of Law & Order Special Victims Unit
  19. Scented candles
  20. Soft toilet paper
  21. Our Home Depot interest-free credit card (without it, we'd live in a shack)
  22. 89.7 Power FM - The Christian Rock music station
  23. Hot bubble baths and long showers
  24. Eye contacts because I'd break my glasses if I wore them everyday
  25. Photoshop
  26. Chlorine to keep our pool clean
  27. Socks
  28. Air conditioning
  29. Cereal and vanilla almond milk
  30. Baylor University and the people who make it such a great school
  31. The 2011 Baylor Bears football team and what they've done to make up for the four crappy years I cheered them on
  32. Robert Griffin III - I might as well keep it going, right?
  33. BPM on Sirius XM - our go-to techno, party music :)
  34. Sweet potatoes
  35. The colors pink and purple
  36. Pony-tail holders and big clippies - I have a lot of hair
  37. Sunglasses
  38. Warm blankets
  39. TV
  40. Texas professional sports
  41. Permanent markers - My handwriting looks so much better with them.
  42. Flip-flops
  43. Garlic salt - That stuff makes anything taste better.
  44. That my husband can fix anything.
  45. Soap
  46. Self tanner
  47. Cell phones
  48. My wonderful job at FaithVillage and the positive people with whom I work
  49. My parents and the amazing job they did raising four kids up to be strong Christ-followers who know how to love others
  50. My salvation, relationship with God and how He blesses me daily.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Preparing My Heart

Day 23 of my "Devotional Readings for Mothers" ring of cards that I found in my office, probably left by someone who used to work here, includes the following encouragement.

Keep on loving when your love is not returned. Keep on praying when it seems they are beyond hope. Choose joy, choose prayer, and choose thanksgiving in all circumstances. Your faithfulness in love and prayer is a lifeline for your child.

Although I'm not yet a mother, I find myself looking at these inspiring devotionals all the time. Maybe it's the spark of energy I get from reading something positive, or maybe it's a desire deep in my heart to be a mother. All I know is God is preparing my heart to be a nurturer, a prayer warrior, an encourager, and like Him, someone who loves unconditionally.

My own mother has exemplified Day 23's quote throughout my life. I've learned from her example that a mother must put her children before herself. Prayer before, during and after your kids are born is especially important. To be faithful that your love for your children will endure throughout their lives is a reflection of a mother's faithfulness in Christ.

I'm learning to apply these principles in my life outside of motherhood. We can love like Jesus without yet being a mother. I like to think I do this with the babies in my life at this point. Their names are Bambi and Bananas. Their cries wake me up in the middle of the night, as I endure the cold concrete beneath my feet, sleepily encouraging them to hurry up and potty so we can crawl back in bed for a couple more hours of sleep.

I can't wait to be a mother, but I realize God's preparing my heart in His own timing. We all continue to grow, as long as we keep loving and praying, choose joy and prayer, and stay faithful in God's love for us. 
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