Thursday, March 28, 2013

A 10-Minute Craft to Inspire Healthy Eating

I recently made the switch to use all wooden cooking utensils (spatulas, spoons, ladles, etc.). After some brief research, I decided that using these wooden spoons is another step closer to achieving maximum health for me and my family.

There are several reasons I made the switch to using these wooden spoons.
  • They were cheap
  • They are naturally anti-bacterial
  • They don't stick to the food
  • They don't scratch the pans
  • They don't get hot
  • They are BPA-free
  • They are easy to wash

However, to be honest, the main reason I decided to switch over to wooden spoons is because I had this great idea (which is probably not as original as I first believed) to decorate them.

I used a marker to write some of the fruits of the spirit on the handles of the spoons. I made sure to write the word on both sides of the handle, and then I placed them nicely in a mason jar, where they sit on my kitchen counter.

Instead of tucking them away in a drawer, setting them out in sight reminds me to use them and inspires me to cook more. Picking out my spoon and using it to make eggs for breakfast or ladle out a spoonful of soup at night simply tickles my heart. It's the little things, right?

You can buy a sack of wooden spoons at your local grocery store anywhere from $6-10, but I found some cheaper bundles at Ross. This little craft literally took me 10 minutes, tops, and I hummed and decorated and played with them while my husband studied for his exam.

Do you have any other little crafts that inspire you to be healthy? Please share your ideas in the comments below!

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