Wednesday, July 3, 2013

FAQ: Summer Crash Course to Bikini Program

I'm ecstatic to introduce my Crash Course to Bikini Program, this summer's 4-week guide to healthy eating, meal planning, workouts, supplements and full-body fitness. In my program, you will find a daily meal plan and workout guide over a 4-week period. I challenge you to make a commitment to following this guide "to-a-T" for four weeks — that's only one month, folks!

My goal is to inspire you to learn how to read your body by figuring out how it responds to clean eating and hormone-resetting workouts, as well as discovering who you are in Christ as you push yourself to a new lifestyle. 

In my Summer Crash Course to Bikini Program, you get:

  • 4-week Meal Plan
  • 4-week Workout Schedule
  • Grocery List
  • List of Foods to Avoid
  • Supplement Suggestions
  • Tips on Staying Motivated
  • *Weekly consultation with me via email or Facebook
*Right now, I work full time in an office and my schedule limits me to consult as personally with clients as I'd like. However, I'm suggesting that clients at least send me pictures every week and to provide feedback in a field provided on their program.

How do I know if this program will work for me if I haven't seen it before buying it?

Well, my dear, that's a good question. That's why I'm giving you a glimpse into the program right here:

Sample Meal Plan

Sample Workout

Is this program okay for beginners?

Well, not exactly. The meal plan is definitely good for people of all levels. And to be honest, the workouts are tough. You're going to sweat like a fat kid eating cake! But, I would never discourage anyone from trying out this program — and not just because I created it — but because I think the resources here will truly inspire you to be better, and you will be. However, I don't want to downplay the level of commitment this program takes to see the maximum results. That being said, even if you half-@$$ this entire thing, if you're coming straight from the couch, you will see improvements, and you will like them.

Can I modify the workouts?

Absolutely! This program is not made to be another rule book you must follow or else you're in trouble. If anything, think of this program as a guide to learn about what's best for your body. The only way to discover that truth, however, is to try what I've recommended, give me feedback, and truly surrender all your fleshly feelings/desires to God here.

Per the workouts, specifically, my first suggestion for modifications would be to start with little to no weight on some of the lifting exercises, and/or start with one set (instead of three), and progress weekly. I'll even post videos on my Facebook page and on YouTube, so you can see different exercises and how to properly do them.

By all means, if you have an injury that prevents you from being able to do a particular exercise, then choose another activity. Feel free to ask me for alternatives if you have an injury or condition like that. 

Won't this kind of weight-lifting make me bulky and manly and ugly and gross?

Okay, ladies, this is such a myth — probably one created by some puny dude who had mommy issues and was intimidated by strong women. Okay, so maybe that's a little harsh, but seriously. I, like you, had my doubts about bodybuilding and weight-lifting, but I'll be the first to vouch that heavy lifting = sexy beast.

A woman will never have the kind of muscle structure that a man has unless she supplements with hormone modifiers like steroids. Our bodies don't naturally produce the levels of testosterone that men have to make their muscles "swoll." Maybe you've seen a girl that has this "bulky" look to her. She's probably either A) taking some kind of hormone enhancer or B) not eating clean. 

If a woman lifts hard and heavy, and eats clean, she will build muscle, which supports a fat-burning metabolism, and will actually speed up her ability to shed fat, revealing that muscle and producing that "toned" look most girls want. 

If you simply want to be thin without any muscular definition, I wouldn't suggest lifting, but my meal plans would still work. (Does anyone really want this?)

How do I get Amber Michelle Fit's 4-Week Crash Course to Bikini Program?

If you want to purchase this program, I'm currently running a special promotion for this launch and offering it for a $30 flat fee via PayPal. That's only $1 per day, people!

But wait a second. ("... But wait, there's more!" Just kidding.) Let me be frank: I'm not doing this to get rich, I promise you that. I don't want to turn anyone away, so if you can't afford to spend that much money on the program, please still email me and let me know. We will work something out. :) 

1. All you need to do is email me that you would like to purchase the program. Please include this in the subject line of the email:


^^^ Feel free to copy/paste that into an email right now!

2. I will email you back and send you an electronic invoice via PayPal.

3. After your payment has been submitted, I will email you a PDF of the program, as well as share your program with you via Google Drive, where you can access it from anywhere online and even on your smart phone. This way, you can also give me feedback in the spaces provided, and we can consult week to week.

Note: Please allow me 24 hours to respond to your email about purchasing the program and 48 hours on the weekend. I will do my best to return other email inquiries within 24 hours as well. I'd suggest starting the program on a Sunday or Monday, depending on when you receive the program.  


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