Thursday, September 4, 2014

New Schedule for September

Now, there are even more classes for you to attend at locations like Orangetheory Fitness, Granite Park and the Neighborhood of Cypress Waters. Some are free and some require a reservation. See which ones you can attend by clicking my schedule below.

Check out the new additions to Sundays at the Neighborhood of Cypress Waters. These classes are free for this month, and are on a trial basis, so if you're eager for a free, fun workout, come join us by the pool deck. Bring a friend and put in a good work, so we can continue the classes here.

For more information about Team A.M.Fit and other services, please click on the tabs at the top of the website and/or email me with your questions. Thanks!


  1. I was pinning away for such type of blogs, thanks for posting this for us.

  2. Have been to evolve many times and the gym is first rate! Very clean, organized and have much different workout options and classes. The staff is very friendly and I would recommend evolving to anyone I knew looking for a great place to grow stronger and fit at!

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