Tuesday, February 3, 2015

March to Spring Break Boot Camp

It's soon to be sunny skies and 75 — perfect weather. That also means less clothes are required! Move over, scarves and sweatpants! (Let's not get carried away. I will still sport some sweats!

However, the thought of spring does have me thinking about drilling down on some of my goals to stay lean. What better way to do that than jump around like fools with a bunch of other folks?

Team A.M.Fit will be coaching their newest program starting Monday, February 9. The March to Spring Break Program will include a series of boot camp sessions and up close and personal coaching from Coach Micah and me.
March to Spring Break Program
Cost: $150 per person*

  • 15 Bootcamp Sessions (see calendar)
  • 1-Month Meal Plan
  • 1-Month Accountability Check-in's via email/text
  • Chance to win a Surprise Supplement Package

*Price must be paid in full and according to Team A.M.Fit policies.

The deadline to register is this Sunday, Feb. 8, at 5 p.m. Bootcamp sessions will be held at The Neighborhood of Cypress Waters. We will meet in the Grind, which is the gym in the community (address below).

3211 Scotch Creek Rd.
Dallas, TX 75019

If you would like to participate in the March to Spring Break Program, please email me with the following information.

Additional Notes (personal inquiries, etc)

*Program fees will be made in full via cash, check or PayPal upon receipt of Team A.M.Fit invoice. There will be no refunds (see policies).  
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