Sunday, March 15, 2015

Team A.M.Fit's Transformation Challenge

Coach Micah's Transformation after integrating healthy nutrition.
It's officially spring, the season of transformation. Science shows that nature transforms from it's prickly, cold season into the beauty of blossoms and color. Life happens. We also celebrate Easter, which is the resurrection of life. It couldn't be clearer that spring promises a hope for light, color and renewal, which is why it's the perfect time for you to have your own transformation.

Have you ever posted a #TransformationTuesday picture? Or at least seen one? What if you achieved some kind of transformation that made you feel confident enough to share your journey with others? What would it take to make you feel confident enough to take on that kind of challenge?

I invite you to register for the Team A.M.Fit Transformation Challenge, where participants will receive a wealth of resources to help them reach their health and wellness goals, as well as a chance to win a legit supplement/goodie package. 

Amber's transformation from running only to running/lifting.
Here's what you get.

  • Team A.M.Fit 3-Day Cleanse
  • Team A.M.Fit Snack Survival Guide
  • Team A.M.Fit Restaurant Survival Guide
  • Team A.M.Fit Recommended Meal Schedule
  • Option to receive email check-in's from coaches
  • Access to several at-home workouts and 1 workout video
  • Opportunity to win supplement prize including A.M.Fit's favorite goodies

Here are the requirements.

  1. Participants must register before March 29, 2015 (see form below). 
  2. Participants must pay registration fee of $25 via check, cash or PayPal (additional $2 fee).
  3. Participants must track progress with photos, measurements and/or reflection entries (on his/her own agenda). 
  4. Participants must read the Team A.M.Fit Policy.
  5. Participants must post to A.M.Fit social media at least three times during the next six week period between March 30 - May 3, with hashtags #TeamAMFit #TransformationChallenge
  6. Participants must prove to Amber of A.M.Fit that he/she has transformed and become stronger from the inside out.

To register for the Team A.M.Fit Transformation Challenge, please complete the form below.

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