Friday, July 17, 2015

The Best Way to Love Yourself (and the World)

If there's one thing the majority of my clients have in common, it's the mindset of insecurity and negative self-talk. And let's be honest. It's not just my clients. It's my friends, my family, and sometimes, even me.
Post-Zyn class, sweaty and beautiful.
One of my most recent clients mentioned to me that she loved her program because she saw the therapeutic nature of it. It's the same reason why we love Zyn22. We call it #sweattherapy. You cannot be successful in a journey for improving the physical health of your body without improving the spiritual health of your body. And it all begins in the mind.

Unfortunately, the world we live in doesn't exactly paint a picture of hearts and rainbows for our feeble mind. My eyes are constantly bombarded with images of society's standards on beauty, sex and what it means to be successful. More times than not, these depictions do not line up with what I know to be true according to the Bible.

Humor me for just a minute Try to stay with me as I share something that crossed my mind the other day ....

Let's take two words: World and Word. Phonetically-speaking, the only difference is the letter "L." Let's make tha letter "L" represent two other words: Lie and Love.

All it takes is the removal of the letter "L" from the word "world" to get back to "word." Let's say that letter stands for Lie, the deception that the world's standards are true and definitive. Remove the "lie," and your left with "Word." What I'm saying is this: Instead of comparing oneself to the world's standards, hold oneself accountable to the truths and statutes in the Word of God.

The truth is, God's word is free of lies. We can trust it completely, and should shape our lives around God's standards and statutes. However, that doesn't mean we must depart from the world we live in, shunning anyone still struggling with measuring up to society.

Reflecting on God's blessings and his teachings on a hike in Colorado.

No, in fact, if you put a different L-word back in ... Let's say this time the letter "L" stands for "love," you get "World" again. John 3:16 says, "For God so loved the world, He gave his only son." We are called to love the world, to be transformed and then show that love to the rest of the world. What God doesn't want us to do is get caught up in comparing ourselves to those who are conformed to the world or those who are not being transformed by the truth, Gods Word.

For the most part, worldly people or affairs make it pretty obvious if they are trying to uphold the Word or not. The thing is, how can you differentiate the two if you don't spend any time studying the Word? Don't succumb to the L-word LIE, but instead, fill your spirit with God's Word and spread the L-word LOVE!

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