Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Vote for Samantha, the 'Everyday Superwoman'

My dear friend and client Samantha Blair made it to the finals for Lorna Drew's campaign to find the 2016 "Everyday Superwoman." Lorna Drew makes masectomy bras and lingerie, encouraging women of all journeys to feel beautiful. Read Samantha's journey on overcoming cancer, and vote for her (details below).

On April 13, 2013, my world changed; while showering I found a lump in my armpit. A diagnostic mammogram determined I also had a lump in my breast and the next day a breast biopsy determined what the radiologist felt was all but certain, I had breast cancer.

By mid-May I had had a double mastectomy with expanders inserted to begin my reconstruction. What followed were months of chemotherapy and radiation. Reconstruction was finally finished in May of 2014.

Treatment, poor diet and a lack of exercise because of surgery caused me to gain more weight than I wanted to admit. I felt like an old woman, much older than my 46 years. Everything ached, even walking the dog was defeating. Finally I decided beating cancer was more than just removing it from my body, it was totally reclaiming myself from everything cancer had wrought. That meant setting my mind to the task and starting to rebuild my body through exercise and diet. My joints still hurt every day, but I found the more I exercised, the better I was starting to feel. I lost some weight and felt better still. The downward spiral was reversed leading to gains greater than I could have imagined following the double mastectomy.

I chose to have my picture taken in my favorite sports bra because I refuse to let cancer define who I am. In fact, because of cancer, I have become a more healthier, stronger more vibrant me.

Vote for SAMANTHA to win by sending an email to, and add the name SAMANTHA to the subject box. Only 1 vote per email will be counted. You can also share on social media.


  1. I believe every woman on this planet is a super woman in her own little world. Anyways much happy for Samantha. I Hope she wins it at large. Good luck Mate.

  2. I'm sure you would like it very much. Keep up the good work webstagram


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