Monday, November 9, 2015

New Team A.M.Fit Programs Available!

One idea you must learn to live with is that your body is like no one else's. This means that one program may work for you and another may work better for your friend. Obviously, the best way to determine a plan of action to help you meet your health and wellness goals would be to start a custom program or custom coaching plan.

For those of you who are familiar with the discipline of exercise but struggle with food, you may find one of the programs below helpful. These programs might also be wise choices before starting a customized plan for financial reasons. Like all of my coaching techniques, I'd like to steer you away from the diet mentality and encourage you to see every wellness endeavor as an opportunity to reflect on yourself physically, mentally and spiritually — for one without the other will only get you so far. 

Any guidelines or structure involved in the programs is meant to be adjusted depending on your intuitive needs. The structure of the program is extremely helpful in the beginning stages as long as you pair it with the reflection challenges. You must learn how to answer the "why" question in order to explore your eating habits, tendencies, restrictions, attitudes, and any other behaviors related to nutrition and exercise. In all things, I never want you to feel restricted, but instead, my hope is to introduce a freedom for you to know your body better than anyone else. 

I'm excited to introduce three of my latest programs. Please read about them below:

21 Days to a Healthy Home
This program is designed to unite families around the table, forming habits of healthy and intuitive eating. Combining simple yet delicious meals with quick and effective workouts for all ages, 21 Days to a Healthy Home is the best way to get all your family members on board to making wellness a priority. Complete the inquiry below to register for this program. A $100 registration fee is required to receive the program. Payment must be received via PayPal before the full program will be sent.

Register for 21 Days to a Healthy Home >>

14-Day Fresh Start
This program is designed to help those who know the basics of healthy and intuitive eating and who work out consistently three or more times a week but feel they may have plateaued in their progress. Combining simple yet effective tips to shed excess fat quickly before an event or to jumpstart a lifestyle of wellness, this program has the essentials. Team A.M.Fit’s 14-Day Fresh Start includes a 3-day detox, a series of fat-blasting workouts and a series of meal recommendations. This is the best program to get fit in a flurry. A $75 registration fee is required to receive the program. Payment must be received via PayPal before the full program will be sent.

Register for 14-Day Fresh Start >>
6-Week Strength Starter
This program is designed to help both men and women implement resistance training to build more muscle and get stronger in the gym. Team A.M.Fit's 6-Week Strength Starter will give you four in-gym workouts, four cardio routines and a glossary of exercises. These workouts will vary week to week. You will need free weights and several machines, but alternatives are given for those without sufficient equipment. The program also includes a list of supplements and how to implement them into a healthy nutrition routine, along with some suggestions on eating to build muscle. The idea is that you gain strength every week and are able to maintain the same routines for longer than the suggested 6-week period, having gained the momentum and understanding of your body over the first month and a half. A $150 registration fee is required to receive the program. Payment must be received via PayPal before the full program will be sent.

Register for 6-Week Strength Starter >>


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  2. Hello. I am interested in the 6-week strngth starter program but have a few questions before I register. Is this a mass workout or persoanl trainers do that? Also if you could speciffy the timings for this workout

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