Granite Tenants

If you work in the buildings managed by Granite Properties, you need to take advantage of some stellar services provided exclusively to you with Team A.M.Fit!

New Corporate Wellness Plans & Coaching

Corporate Fitness Programs with services provided by Amber Michelle Fit, LLC (Team A.M.Fit) will provide companies with opportunities to promote health and wellness, as well as encourage a camaraderie among coworkers that you won't find elsewhere. There's something about suffering and sweating together that builds a bond between teammates, and that's exactly why many corporations are already investing in the welfare of their employees' fitness and nutrition plans.

For information on making your company a part of Team A.M.Fit, please email me to schedule an appointment or discuss your options.

$55 Punch Passes Available for 10 Classes | Pay Only $50 Cash!

Bring cash to class. You may pay $55 via PayPal or Venmo or bring/mail check payment of $55 to 5700 Granite Pkwy, Mailbox #14, Plano, TX 75024.

Class Schedule:

12-12:45 pm Butts & Guts Boot Camp 

12-12:45 pm Power Yoga

12-12:45 pm Butts & Guts Boot Camp

Private Sessions

Please contact me if interested in private sessions with a Team A.M.Fit coach! If you would like to leave feedback for Amber on her services, please answer a few questions right here.


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